Summer winners

The winner of the Skyline trophy 2018 - Cannon Bridge House, London EC4R 2YA
Winner of the Best Livery Hall 2018 - Drapers Hall Throgmorton Avenue EC2N 2DQ.
Winner of the Best Small Display Award 2018 - Shaws Booksellers 31-34 St Andrews Hill EC4N 4AA.
Winner of the Edward Wright Trophy for the Best Floral Street 2018 - Finsbury Circus EC2M 7EB.
Winner of the Howard Trophy for the Best Large Garden 2018 - Nomura 1 Angel Lane EC4R 3AB.
Winner of the Best Indoor Garden 2018 - Sky Garden, 1 Sky Garden Walk EC3M 8AF.
Winner of the Best Small Garden Award 2018 - The Master's Garden, Church Court EC4Y 9AT.
Winner of the Best Enclosed Courtyard Award 2018 - Friary Court, 65 Crutched Friars EC3N 2AE..
Winner of the Master's Special Award 2018 - 1 Finsbury Circus EC2M 7EB.
Winner of the Dick Balfour Trophy 2018 - Cutlers' Hall, Warwick Lane EC4M 7BR.
Winner of the Best Reception Area Award 2018 - The Four Seasons Hotel, 10 Trinity Square EC3N 4AJ.
Winner of the Luder Trophy for the Best City Corporation Garden 2018 - Seething Lane EC3M 8AF.
Winner of the Best Medium Display Award 2018 - The Liberty Bounds 15 Trinity Square EC3N 4AA
Winner of the James Miller Trophy 2018 - Crowne Plaza 19 New Bridge Street EC4V 6DB
Winner of the Best Large Garden Award 2018 - 1-5 London Wall Buildings EC2M 5PD.