The WCOG of London Charity

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners of London Charity is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission and numbered 1198790.

The main areas that the Charity supports are:

  • Education and training in horticulture.
  • Conservation, maintenance and improvement of the environment.
  • Changing public attitudes towards the natural environment for the better.
  • Advancement of horticulture through science.
  • Charities connected to The City of London.

The Charity is a separate body from the Company and is administered by its Board of Trustees. Trustees are drawn from members of the Company. The Renter and Upper Wardens, Master and Immediate Past Master are ex officio Trustees while holding office.

The Charity is funded by members of the Company, in many cases donating to the Charity annually. In addition it has an investment portfolio.

Some examples of the Charity's work are:

The Charity funds prizes allowing the Company to present awards for horticulture students at Capel Manor College, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, RHS Wisley, Writtle College and the Royal Parks Guild.

We match fund with City and Guilds' support for two apprenticeships in horticulture, enabling individuals to increase their horticultural knowledge and improve their life chances.

The Charity assists the Company in funding The Flowers in the City campaign which aims to encourage the planting of gardens, courtyards, atria, roof gardens, window boxes, troughs, tubs and hanging baskets to beautify the City. As well as promoting horticulture the campaign helps to improve mental health as people move about the Square Mile.

The majority of the Charity’s grants are provided to organisations not connected to the Company; these include:

Gardening for the Disabled Trust, London Children’s Flower Society, London Garden Society, London in Bloom, Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, Professional Gardeners’ Trust, Harington Scheme and Thrive.

For further information about the Charity, please contact the Secretary.

You may apply for a grant from the charity here.