WCoG partner BOST wins coveted award

December 23rd 2015

The Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST), one of the Company's major partners in the Future Gardeners project, and the Trust's former Chief Executive Helen Firminger have won an important accolade from the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association (MPGA). The Trust was presented with the coveted Spade Award for its work in greening urban spaces on London's South Bank at the MPGA's 133rd annual general meeting held at the St Bride Foundation on Tuesday 20th October. At the same event, headline speaker Daniel Raven-Ellison, of the National Park City London Campaign, spoke about the importance of providing all Londoners with free access to high quality green spaces throughout the capital, an aim that is shared by the MPGA, which has a small grants programme to support community groups to develop parks and open spaces across all London boroughs. Responding, the MPGA’s President, Hugh Johnson, said that “gardening is in very good shape” and that the small projects which the MPGA support are essential for the wellbeing of Londoners.