Vicious vegetables and ferocious fruit – the chemistry of plant defence and how humans benefit - An Online Course

May 3rd 2022

Join tutor Dr Alison Foster for a one day online course on plant chemistry (along with bits of horticulture and botany) of a range of our 'Five-a-day' vegetables.

This interactive course will be delivered by Cambridge University Botanic Garden (Adult Learning) online only and will explore:

  • The impact our consumption of plants and plant products has on the plant itself at the different stages through its lifecycle
  • Plant defence systems (and hence consumption by humans)

Dr Foster studied chemistry at both degree and PhD level, and after retraining as a horticulturist, joined the University of Oxford Botanic Garden, eventually becoming Acting Director.

Tuesday 3rd May, 2022

10am - 1pm


For more information/to book tickets, please visit: