UK Set for Bountiful Blooms this Summer

July 28th 2020

UK gardens and green spaces are on the cusp of a unique burst of summer colour as the peak of two flowering seasons combine to create the most dramatic number of blooms seen in years, says the RHS.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) reports that this year’s weather has provided the optimum growing conditions* for summer flowering. The warm, wet winter followed by the sunniest May on record and then a bout of rain in June has produced a high number of summer flowers.

Stronger, bigger buds and more prolific flowering has created dramatic displays of early blooms such as; lilies, rhododendrons, irises, roses and hydrangeas, and mid-summer flowers such as; verbena, rudbeckia, heleniums and geraniums are now coming into their own.

The peak of this floral extravaganza may happen this weekend and at the four RHS Gardens the show has already begun but the seasonal overlap could pass by quickly as early summer flowers are likely to start going over next week.

*Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticulturalist said; “It all started at the end of last year with good levels of light, enough rain and warm temperatures to produce strong plants coming into the year and these dreamy conditions continued when our sleeping perennials awoke to dry weather and moist soil.

Based on source: RHS Press Release

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