Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme

July 31st 2020

The National Botanic Garden of Wales has launched its own Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme.

Consumers will be able to see the scheme’s logo on selected pollinator plants for sale at the Botanic Garden’s Y Pot Blodyn Garden Centre and in other garden centres and specialist nurseries across Wales.

What makes this scheme unique is that the plants displaying the Saving Pollinators logo are:

  • proven to support pollinators by the Botanic Garden’s research scientists (via DNA barcoding)

  • grown without the use of synthetic insecticides and peat compost

  • produced by growers based in Wales

The Saving Pollinators Assurance Scheme has been made possible through Growing the Future, a five year project supporting horticulture within Wales.

Meet the growers: