Reflection Garden Reveals New View of St Paul’s

July 26th 2022

Earlier this month on 11th July, The City of London issued a press release unveiling the new (public) 'Reflection Garden' at 25 Cannon Street.

The focal point of the Garden is a reflection pool, which creates a double image of the venerable St Paul's Cathedral.

The new green space is a collaboration between the City of London Corporation, Pembroke (an international real estate company), and landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith, who said:

“The revived garden at 25 Cannon St makes a unique contribution to the mosaic of green spaces and gardens around St. Paul’s Cathedral. And it is very exciting to be able to celebrate Wren’s magnificent dome by making its reflection an almost surreal, but contemplative centrepiece to this calm green space. I hope it will be a resource for City workers and tourists for years to come.’’

To see images of the Garden and to read the full press release, please visit: