New for 2024 – The RHS Urban Show

April 18th 2024

The RHS has announced dates for a brand new 'RHS Urban Show' 2024, which will take place next April.

This exciting new plant show will focus on urban gardening and houseplants, and will take place at The Mayfield Depot, in Manchester. Although the former railway warehouse is known in Manchester for its music nights, the Depot sits adjacent to the first new park built in the city in 100 years.

Helena Pettit, Director of RHS Gardens & Shows said: “In recent years there’s been a real gardening boom and we believe more young people living on cities are now growing plants.

So we are so excited to be bringing a new RHS Show dedicated to urban gardening to the centre of Manchester next year. The RHS Urban Show aims to bring gardening to a new audience and demonstrate that if you have plants you are a gardener.

There is so much great work already happening across the city to make it greener and we are excited to help support this growing movement. We want to get even more people living in the UK’s second largest city inspired to grow plants and connect to the natural world.

With over 80% of the UK population living in towns and cities, the new show will enable more urban dwellers to garden, especially where access to green spaces can be limited.

18th – 21st April, 2024
Depot Mayfield

To read more about The RHS Urban Show/to purchase tickets, please visit: