Medicinal Plant Lectures 2024 – at the Royal College of Physicians

July 25th 2024

The Royal College of Physicians' (RCP) Medicinal Garden was 'designed to be a wonderfully calm space in the centre of London'.

The RCP is running its Medicinal Garden lecture series in 2024, which were started so that the stories and information about the garden and the history of medicine could be told. The next dates are as follows:

Thursday 25th July, 2024 – Agenda:

2:00 pm

Welcome and introduction

Chair introduction

2:05 pm

Finding drugs in the garden: harnessing plant metabolic diversity for therapeutic applications

Professor Anne Osbourn, group leader, John Innes Centre

~Refreshments and garden tours~

4:00 pm

A most valuable plant: the uses and abuses of the opium poppy

Professor Graham Foster, professor of hepatology, Queen Mary University of London and Bart's Health NHS Trust

5:00 pm

End of session

Please note that any presentations shown at this event have been produced by the individual speakers. As such they are not owned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of, the RCP.

Future lecture date:
Monday 2nd September, 2024

The presentations are hybrid, bookings can be made to attend the whole afternoon in person, or watch the lectures only online. For the July lecture – please use the links below to check pricing and current availability:

In person tickets:

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