Lord Mayor's Term to be Extended

April 17th 2020

The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman William Russell will serve an additional year in office as the 692nd Lord Mayor.

This is to ensure continuity of leadership during the current Covid-19 pandemic. He will now remain in office until November 2021, subject to being formally re-elected later this year.

Lord Mayor William Russell said: "In light of the exceptional circumstances presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, this extension will provide stability and continuity of civic leadership through the current crisis and the eventual recovery phase."

“We must focus all our efforts on supporting the City, London and the UK during these tough times. Everybody should continue to work together with the same spirit of community, resilience and support that has seen us through difficult times in the past."

The Sheriffs of the City of London, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli and Christopher Hayward, will also serve an extra year in office.