Guildhall Library events

February 17th 2017

Current free exhibitions at the Guildhalll Library include Marie Duval: Laughter in the First Age of Leisure which closes on 17th March and Londinium AD 43 which is on until 31st March.

The former features the work of Isabelle Emilie de Tessier, a London actress, cartoonist and illustrator who worked under the pseudonym ‘Marie Duval’. Her work first appeared in a variety of the cheap British penny papers and comics of the 1860s-1880s, for urban working class people. This is the first exhibition dedicated solely to Duval’s work as a 19th Century pioneer of the art of comics.

In Londinium AD43 photographer Eugenio Grosso takes the visitor on a photographic journey through time from the foundation of London to the present. By overlapping Roman and contemporary maps, a shared geography emerges showing how much of the Roman settlement has been preserved through the centuries. This exhibition displays photographs of spots which were once home to significant Roman sites, bringing the original face of the city back to light.