Grow at Home this Autumn

September 18th 2020

The RHS has launched a new campaign titled 'Grow at Home this autumn' - calling for people to plant now to save water and money.

The RHS commissioned YouGov to conduct the research, which surveyed 2,116 adults across the UK, which provided some interesting results:

  • 65% of people do not think autumn is the most important gardening season – compared to just 8% who do

  • Over half of UK adults (61%) don’t know tulip and daffodil bulbs are planted in autumn

  • 43% of UK adults who garden or grow plants outside consign their fallen leaves to the council green waste bin - a waste of a valuable resource and also less good for the environment compared to it being used ‘in-garden’.

Whilst spring is an important gardening season, the RHS is raising the benefits, many environmental and financial, of gardening in autumn.

The soil is moist and warm, but not yet soggy, and so easy to plant and gives plants more time to grow new roots and be less vulnerable to dry periods in summer. Evergreens establish well in autumn without the difficult fluctuations of spring weather and when planted in spring, they usually need significant watering. Trees are better planted in autumn or winter.

The RHS 'Grow at home this autumn' campaign began on 14th September with a ‘bulb’ themed week, which should help over half of UK adults (61%) (data from survey) who didn't know you should plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in autumn.

Source: RHS Press Release

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