Gardeners Go Potty for Plant Pots

August 26th 2020

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has reported a significant rise in demand for plant pots - as the nation continues to embrace gardening.

Potting compost and plants with calming colours are also among the top picks for gardeners this summer following the reopening of RHS Plant Centres.

According to the RHS - sales for outdoor plant pots were up 225% throughout July compared to last year across all collections of glazed and terracotta pots.

Guy Barter, Chief Horticulturist at RHS, said: “Container gardening is not only great for smaller outdoor spaces and brightening up corners but it is also very simple. You buy potting compost, pots, plants, bulbs - almost any type of plant can be grown in a container - and various sundries including fertiliser and it all works. No need to worry about digging or soil, manuring, feeding, weeding and so on, so it is perfect for those taking up gardening for the first time.

The RHS launches its new RHS Shop website this month, which will replace the former RHS gifts & book page, and will feature more gardening products, homeware, and home accessories than ever before:

Source: RHS Press Release