Garden Museum Talk: 'No-Dig' Gardening With Charles Dowding

October 27th 2023

Join the 'no-dig' gardening pioneer Charles Dowding for an introductory talk to this famous growing method, drawing from Charles' 40 years plus of growing experience.

On his website, Charles says:

"No dig increases output per area, and works on any soil type. You will notice fewer weeds too! I share my knowledge from over 40 years of practice, so that everyone can grow more food for less effort."

The talk will feature expert tips on composting, succession planting, interplanting, multi-sowing and much more. The event will take place physically at the Garden Museum, London, but livestream access is also available to purchase.

£20 – Standard
£15 – Friends
£15 – Young Fronds
£10 – Livestream

For full information/to book, please visit:

As a footnote, this year's 'No Dig Day' will take place on 3rd November, 2023 (and will be its 2nd time).