AIPH Green City Briefings 2023: Feature City – Utrecht, The Netherlands

July 11th 2023

This webinar focuses on the city of Utrecht, in The Netherlands which has committed to a 'Healthy Urban Living for All' approach and explores 'how the improvement of public areas through plants and connection to other green spaces can have a positive city wide impact. It will showcase the important role of urban parks in creating cities prepared for the future.'

Featuring the following speakers;

  • MC: Jayne Miller (CEO of Jayne Miller Consulting and Chair of World Urban Parks),
  • Hans Smolenaers (architect, landscape architect, and urbanist, Team Manager at Arcadis),
  • Jeroen Schenkels (Senior Advisor/Project Leader of Urban Planning in the spatial development department of the city of Utrecht.)

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Feature City: Utrecht, the Netherlands | Green City Briefing